The foundation was formally established on 11 December 2017 and on 9 May 2018 the ANBI status was assigned by the Dutch tax authorities. Once this status was granted, a number of actions could be initiated and the foundation can also receive tax-free donations. The ANBI status sets a number of requirements for governance and transparency that are embraced by us. For example, the board members in the ANBI Foundation should be unpaid, transparency should be given about the finances and activities and the assets of the foundation should be transferred to a foundation with a similar objective in the event of a possible termination. On this page you will find the required ANBI data.

ANBI/PBO data 
The foundation has been designated as a PBO organization (Public Benefit Organization; in Dutch “ANBI Stichting”) since 11 December 2017.

Tax number:  858229481
Tax/RSIN number: 8582 29 481
CoC number: 70274304
IBAN/bank account: Triodos, T.b.d.

Contact details
Correspondence address:
Guido Gezellestraat 9
2260 Westerlo, Belgium

Board members 
Mr. Jan Paul Buijs, chairman, shared responsibility
Mr. Gab Mulder, secretary, shared responsibility
Mr. Alperen Dikici, general board member, shared responsibility

Remuneration policy
The board members do not receive any remuneration for their work. Costs incurred in the performance of their duties are reimbursed by the foundation.

The foundation aims to promote:

  • a circular economy;
  • methods, structures and technology for sustainable living and producing;
  • nature conservation and nature and landscape restoration;

and performing all that is needed in relation to the foregoing that may be conducive in realizing these goals.

Policy Plan 2024-2025 
Policy Plan 2024-2025 in English (download)


Annual Reports
Annual Report 2022 in Dutch (download)