Tonkiry™ is the third pillar of and focuses entirely on nature conservation and nature and landscape restoration. Raising awareness raising, information and education on sustainable living and producing in combination with nature conservation is also part of the work. Locals and their way of living play a major role in nature conservation. Donations from individuals and companies and from the Picaflor and Kolibri initiatives provide financing for these conservation, replanting, reforestation and education projects. It is not the primary ambition of to buy nature reserves or buy areas for landscape restoration but rather to support conservation and landscape restoration projects that meet the criteria of the Picaflores™ quality label for sustainability.

The financial resources of are limited in the first period but several Picaflores volunteers are already committed to local nature conservation initiatives in W Europe. In addition, there are two small-scale initiatives that are explored with partners in Peru.

The first initiative concerns the start-up of a foundation in Peru that deals with the purchase and management of rainforest that is located in risk areas around the jungle cities of Iquitos and Pucallpa. Various local actors are considering placing their already purchased land in such a foundation as the start of a number of protected nature parks managed by the local foundation. If this is successful and the local foundation meets the criteria of the Picaflores quality label, Picaflores wants to support this local foundation with financial resources and expertise from the Tonkiry pillar.

A second small-scale and practical initiative started in Peru is the replanting of certain species of medicinal plants. Our Western society has not only transformed large parts of the rainforest into agricultural land, and incorporated land from indigenous peoples. Many tree and plant species have also become rare because they have been harvested without replanting. This initiative goes hand in hand with the initiative on nutritional supplements in the Kolibri pillar.

As the income from donations and legacies increases, the efforts in these projects can be intensified and other initiatives can also be actively supported.